Camilo Viveiros is a trainer and organizer for multi-racial economic and environmBrayton Pt CD trainingental justice.  Based on years of direct experience leading hundreds of organizing campaigns, Camilo offers consulting, trainings, and workshops to assist groups in building organizing capacity to win bigger victories.

Born to immigrant parents, Camilo grew up in a working class family in southeastern Massachusetts, learning firsthand from an early age the critical need for equality and justice. For over two decades he has learned and shared organizing knowledge through on-the-ground grassroots work with tenants, youth, labor unions, students, immigrants, people of faith, environmental justice activists, LGBTQ groups, seniors, homeless and welfare rights organizations.

Camilo has been the former executive director of the community-labor coalition Rhode Island Jobs with Justice, regional director of the Massachusetts Alliance of HUD Tenants, lead organizer with United Interfaith Action, regional organizer for Mass Senior Action, and youth organizer with the Economic Human Rights Project.  He is on the boards of RESIST Inc., a national foundation that funds grassroots organizing, and the UMass Dartmouth Labor Education Center. Presently he is lead organizer for the George Wiley Center, a statewide multi-racial economic justice organizing project in Rhode Island. 

With a lifelong commitment to sharing tools and effective organizing strategies, Camilo is the founder of Activism 2 Organizing, offering trainings, workshops and consulting on community organizing, direct action, participatory strategy and campaign development for groups across the country.  activism2organizing.org

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  1. Brother Gary Dantzler

    This is one of the most honest man I’ve ever met in my life. Camilo v. What great person he’s a true leader he’s down to earth. We need more people like him. So we could make our world a lot better. God bless him and his family. My brother keep making the world better.


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